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'Once upon a time..there was a princess who followed the yellow brick road, arrived in Wonderland and found a magical snowball! She threw it and it became a super rocket which flew to the moon where she met a Ninja Turtle and Peppa Pig who were having tea with a Gruffalo! So they all set sail on a pirate ship, turned the stars into gold and used their spider-senses to follow the rainbow back to the ice palace where they they lived happily ever after..!!'

If you're stuck for an idea here are some custom parties we've been asked to cater for plus some other magical & imaginative themes.. :)

Frozen 'Snow' Ball

Mermaid and Robot party

Space party

Hello Kitty/Peppa Pig party

Nursery Rhyme Party

cowboys and cowgirls party

Ninja turtle party

Under the sea ball

Mad hatter tea party

Rainbow party

Cupcake party

Superhero football party

Gruffalo (favourite storybook) party

Frozen Wonderland Party

Tinkerbell tea party

Fairy garden Party

Winter mermaid party

Teddy bears picnic

Barbie/modelling party

Wizard of Oz party

Once upon a rhyme party

Fairytale  party

Karaoke stars party

Magical Craft party

Fashion party

Disco party

60's flower party

Drama party

Ice Princess slumber party

Pink and Blue party

Pirate space party

Sparkle butterfly party

Glitter party

Spa pamper party

Chocolate princess party

Doc Mcstuffins party

Safari adventure party

Neverland party

Dinosaur party

Medieval knights and maidens party

Robin Hood party

Super science party

Frozen cocktail party

Fairies and wizards party

Christmas birthday party

Enchanting princess/pirate party

Scooby Doo and Shaggy (or Daphne/Velma) party

Magical mystery/Detective Party

Silly songs party

'Play in a day' (performance) party

Pom Pom dancing party

Disney/pop music dance party

Badge making party

Monster High party

Star Wars party

Dispicable me party

Rainbow sparkle Party

Unicorn Party

Paw Patrol Party

Goldilocks/Red Riding hood Party

Cupcake and Pamper party

Balloon games party

Bouncy castle and Disco party

Drama party

Dance party

Favourite musical party

Halloween/Easter/Christmas Party



Any other themes/ideas...please enquire :)



A few 'character combinations' that work well... :)